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The company has:
1) license for aircrafts design, manufacture, testing and servicing issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation;

2) license for geodetic and mapping services on the federal level, the results of which have national and inter-branch significance, issued by the Federal Service of State Registration, Land Register and Mapping.

Services in power industry
Images of objects and areas made by UAV
Unmanned aerial surveys of power lines along the road routes
Thermal imaging of objects and areas produced by UAVs
Stereo images of objects and areas
UAV in gas industry
Unmanned aerial patrolling of gas mains
Aerial surveillance of the linear section of the gas mains based on the data of unmanned aerial photography and space surveys
Mapping of reconstruction and construction sites based on the data of unmanned aerial surveillance
UAV in oil industry
Detection of leaks
Real-time mapping
Detection of tie-ins
Twenty-four-hour patrolling
Monitoring of progress at construction and reconstruction sites based on the data of unmanned aerial surveillance

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