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UAV Supercam for a natural reserve performs environmental monitoring in Kamchatka Kray

UAV Supercam for a natural reserve performs environmental monitoring in Kamchatka Kray

Complex with unmanned aerial vehicle Supercam-350 will be used for environmental protection in the State natural biosphere reserve n.a. S.V.Marakov ‘Comandorskiy’.

The complex includes an unmanned aerial vehicle and a ground control station that provides vehicle control from a distance up to 90 km. High-resolution camera attached to the UAV allows to get high-quality images. The main advantage of the UAV Supercam-350 is the best flight duration among the UAVs of its class - up to 4.5 h. Strong materials of the airframe provide a long service life. Detachable wing panels facilitate UAV transportation. Electric UAV motor is eco-friendly and noiseless.

This equipment will allow the staff of the reserve to perform remote monitoring of the environment, remote sensing of marine areas, aerial survey of animals including endangered species listed in the ‘Red Book’, as well as to monitor their migration. In summer UAV Supercam will help to prevent forest fires, and in case of their occurrence – to take prompt measures to eliminate the source of fire.

The total area of the reserve is 3.6 million hectares and using only land means of transport on such a large territory is rather complicated. Using of piloted aircrafts requires large economic expenses and not always allows to perform monitoring of the territory in real time. UAV Supercam-350 will solve this problem. The reserve has rich marine resources, therefore poaching is quite usual there. Aerial survey of reserve areas using UAV Supercam-350 provides the ability to track poachers, including in hard-to-reach and remote areas. Using data from the UAV, the inspectors of the reserve will be able to detect and prevent violations of conservation areas.

“We are very pleased to be a part of such project. Unmanned aircrafts are already used in many countries to protect the environment. Our engineers have successfully completed a full cycle of works for designing and producing of a UAV that meets the strict requirements of flight duration, low noise and complex mobility”- said UAV Systems Group commercial manager Alexander Ushomirskiy.

Under the agreement, two members of the reserve had attended the training as UAV Supercam operators in the training center of UAV Systems Group. The training included theoretical and practical parts. During the last one practical UAV Supercam flights were performed. Upon graduation, students had successfully passed the exam and received certificates. Acquired experience and knowledge will allow them to perform their own aerial survey on the territory of the reserve.

State natural reserve ‘Comandorskiy’ is situated on the Commander Islands. The main objectives of the reserve are protection of natural and marine areas for biodiversity conservation, environmental monitoring, scientific research, preservation of historical and cultural heritage. With its biological diversity of marine flora and fauna, non-freezing waters, rare and endangered species of animals and birds State natural biosphere reserve ‘Comandorskiy’ has no equal in the Far Eastern District of the Russian Federation.

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