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UAV Supercam Õ6-Ì2 – new aircraft of “Unmanned Systems”

UAV Supercam Õ6-Ì2 – new aircraft of “Unmanned Systems”

Complex with Supercam X6-M2 is the company’s newest development. Due to its technical specifications (flight time up to 1 hour, operational height up to 500 m) and easy preflight preparation (up to 15 minutes), Supercam X6-M2 is designed for monitoring and real-time data transmission that might be critical in case of an emergency or during accident management. UAV complex can be used for mapping, monitoring of hazardous facilities, searching for the missing people, real time tracking of illegal invasions into protected areas, emergency control, monitoring of agricultural fields.

UAV Supercam Õ6-Ì2 has 6 high-performance electric engines. At relatively small dimensions the UAV is able to fly up to 70 minutes and collect real time video data on the distance of up to 10 km both during day and night time. The built-in automatic pilot system (autopilot) provides fully autonomous flight.

UAV Supercam Õ6-Ì2 has advanced payloads on the electromagnetic gyro-stabilized platforms. This UAV is also equipped with thermal imaging cameras that can detect any changes of temperature.

Due to its light-weight, portable design, and waterproof construction, the UAV is able to be based on a ship and keep floatability for up to 120 minutes for sea operations.

Its outstanding feature is the ability to reach the landing point by reference to the image received by the video camera.

UAV Supercam Õ6-Ì2 has been acquired by large Russian entities, such as Salek coal mine, Tunkinsky National Park, RN Vankor (a Rosneft subsidiary) the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Stavropol Territory, and others. It has been already demonstrated at “HeliRussia 2016” Exhibition.

Services in power industry
Images of objects and areas made by UAV
Unmanned aerial surveys of power lines along the road routes
Thermal imaging of objects and areas produced by UAVs
Stereo images of objects and areas
UAV in gas industry
Unmanned aerial patrolling of gas mains
Aerial surveillance of the linear section of the gas mains based on the data of unmanned aerial photography and space surveys
Mapping of reconstruction and construction sites based on the data of unmanned aerial surveillance
UAV in oil industry
Detection of leaks
Real-time mapping
Detection of tie-ins
Twenty-four-hour patrolling
Monitoring of progress at construction and reconstruction sites based on the data of unmanned aerial surveillance

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