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«Sakhatransneftegaz»JSC areas monitoring

This summer Unmanned Systems Group specialists have performed an aerial photography of main gas pipeline with total length more than 300km that belongs to «Sakhatransneftegaz» JSC.

Gas and oil transportation demands a provision of flawless operation of main pipelines. For the reason that it is drawn on thousands of kilometers and located in long-distanced and inaccessible areas, the only way of giving the immediate condition estimation is watch it from air.

Works on «Sakhatransneftegaz» JSC objects were made by UAV Supercam S350F. This device approved itself as effective facility used by petroleum establishments. Unmanned aircraft for aerial photography is equipped with double-frequency geodesic receiver and camera Sony a6000 with 20mm lenses and 24Mp picture resolution. This payload provides creation of large-precised orthophotomaps in a scale of 1:1000.

Moreover, multifunctional software provided by Unmanned System Group allows to display orthophotomaps sorted or chosen by date; to switch between layers and dates; to place some symbols or signs, add text; to download satellite maps from Internet.

Monitoring by UAV is a fastly progressing concept of pipelines inspection, which helps to decrease company’s expenses by reducing helicopter overflies. Moreover, this solution brings to naught risk connected with air crushes and simplifies process of control.

«Sakhatransneftegaz» JSC was founded in 2003. The main occupation is transportation of gas by gas pipelines. And we are glad to mention that overflies for this company are made not for the first time.

Technologies of gas and oil pipelines that are provided by Unmanned Systems Group specialists have gained an acceptance of large gas and oil producing companies such as «NK «Rosneft» OJSC, «Gazprom neft» PJSC, «Salym-Petroleum Development» and their branches.

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