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źDomodedovo╗ airport gathered UAV Supercam complexes

źDomodedovo╗ airport gathered UAV Supercam complexes

In October 2017, Unmanned Systems Group delivered UAV equipment Supercam Ň6╠2 and S250F to the international federal airport źDomodedovo╗, Moscow.

Unmanned aircraft Supercam S250F is equipped with photo camera of high-resolution and observing course camera for visual flight control while photo shooting. UAV can be in air during 180 minutes and produce shooting during the whole flight time; during one flight it can accomplish aerial photography of prominent sized area.

Supercam S250F is launched with the help of elastic catapult which is included in delivery set. Small dimensions of this UAV allow making a start even from a small ground which is an advantage for town and field conditions. The device is equipped with modern autopilot system that allows fully accomplish start and landing and also flight task. Coordinates are recorded to UAV before flight manually or automatically with the help of GPS. Supercam S250F is suitable for solving a wide range of issues that are connected not only with shooting, but also with monitoring of area.

Multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicle Supercam X6M2 is developed by Unmanned Systems Group engineers in configuration of hexacopter which allows taking off and landing on the vertical surface that extends usage sphere of UAV. Moreover, the device has compact construction ľ 92cm in diameter and small weight that simplifies the device employment.

Thanks to specification, these multipurpose complexes with Supercam UAV made by Unmanned Systems Group will become an important element of airport monitoring system.

Services in power industry
Images of objects and areas made by UAV
Unmanned aerial surveys of power lines along the road routes
Thermal imaging of objects and areas produced by UAVs
Stereo images of objects and areas
UAV in gas industry
Unmanned aerial patrolling of gas mains
Aerial surveillance of the linear section of the gas mains based on the data of unmanned aerial photography and space surveys
Mapping of reconstruction and construction sites based on the data of unmanned aerial surveillance
UAV in oil industry
Detection of leaks
Real-time mapping
Detection of tie-ins
Twenty-four-hour patrolling
Monitoring of progress at construction and reconstruction sites based on the data of unmanned aerial surveillance

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