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The forestry sector in the Ryazan region is controlled by UAV Supercam

The forestry sector in the Ryazan region is controlled by UAV Supercam

Unmanned Systems Group has delivered the UAV Supercam complex for the "Pozhles" State Budgetary Agency of the Ryazan Region.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the forestry sector during summer is one of the main points concerning the control of forest fires. Patrolling of the Ryazan regionís forest sector will be conducted with the use of the UAV Supercam S250 equipped with the 28x zoom controlled gyrostabilized camera with an overview of the entire lower hemisphere, the 24 Mp camera, and the 16x digital zoom controlled thermal imager. In addition, the module of holding and automatic target tracking is integrated in the UAV for high-precision and reliable visual control.

Patrolling flight is performed at normal visibility about 600-800 meters high. If the UAV operator notices smoke, he directs the UAV towards the smoke point. In order to record the fire, photos of the fire location are made with a camera or a video camera. The video is transmitted to the operator's control station at a distance of 25 km through the protected digital video channel in real time, with the obtaining of exact objectsí coordinates.

Each forest fire becomes to be observed from the moment of its detection until complete elimination. The flights over the location of fire are conducted 2-3 times a day. At each inspection, the boundaries of the fire and its area are drawn on the map to assess the expansion dynamics. The operator determines the main direction of the expansion, related threats, as well as the presence of separate fires and dangerous areas, and identifies the location of people and equipment. A thermal imager is used to detect latent fire sources.

The "Pozhles" agency was established in 2008 as a specialized licensed institution eliminating forest fires in the Ryazan Region.

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